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Chris Cooper is a leadership coach, trainer and professional speaker, who specialises in developing great leaders through conscious leadership.

Leadership coaching is the most effective way to accelerate your performance and build long term, sustainable success for your organisation.

Learn more about Chris and discover why he is committed to developing leaders who want to create a better world.


Leadership Coaching for a Better World

Conscious leadership is change and transformation to create a better world.

Conscious leaders have high levels of emotional intelligence, vision, creativity and personal integrity. They want to use their role as a leader as a catalyst for positive change in their communities, society and for the environment.

Leading with awareness is good for people and planet as well as being great for business.




Areas I help individuals and organisations with include:

  • Growing leadership and executive presence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Evolving organisational culture to become more conscious
  • Purpose, vision and strategy: personal and organisational
  • Communication skills and influencing others
  • Optimising personal and team performance and well-being


I’m an award-winning coach, trainer and speaker who specialises in leadership and career development – with my specialism and passion being Conscious Leadership.

With over 25 years of experience working and studying leadership and management, I can help you transform your approach to leadership, develop high performing teams within your organisation and embed a culture of conscious leadership.

I’m a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organisation for coaches. In 2022, I was honoured for my contribution to coaching with an award named after the founder of the ICF.

Based between Manchester and London, I’m a leadership coaching UK consultant who also works with clients internationally.

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Creating a vision for yourself and your organisation is a core element of the work I do with my leadership and executive coaching clients.

Once you understand and can clearly articulate your Vision, this creates a roadmap for great leadership. Building the foundation of success

A vision is comprised of Values, Purpose and Mission.

Learn more about the Vision that drives my work as a leadership and executive coach through my leadership coaching company. This will help you determine whether I’m the right person to help you with your leadership development journey.

Creating a Vision is a core part of the work I do with my clients.

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Conscious leadership is change and transformation for a better world. Creating values driven, high performing leaders and setting companies up for long term greatness.

We need conscious leadership to navigate the complexity of the modern world and tackle the global challenges we all face.

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Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a set of emotional and social skills vital for optimal leadership performance. High EQ is the superpower for great leaders.

The good news: your EQ can be developed and I can help you become a more emotionally intelligent leader.

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Wheel of Conscious Leadership

The Wheel of Conscious Leadership is a model I created to develop the leaders I work with through coaching and training.

It provides a practical framework for developing the skills and attributes you need to be a conscious leader.

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“Chris enabled me to learn a huge amount about myself and helped me completely reshape my career. I cannot thank him enough for his help.”

George, Marketing Director

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To explore how I can help you, book a free telephone consultation.

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