I’m an award-winning coach, trainer and speaker who specialises in leadership and career development – with my specialism and passion being Conscious Leadership.

I care deeply about the world we live in, and how we as human beings interact with and within it. We are at a tipping point, where the actions of current generations have never before been so critical in safeguarding the future of our planet. At the same time, within our society and our communities, we are dealing with complex challenges related to rising inequalities, mental health and well-being, global geo-politics and social injustice. I want to have a positive impact in addressing these issues through my work. This is my calling.


I have worked and studied leadership and management for over 20 years, working across a range of industries for companies large and small. My career has been very varied, with a number of significant changes of direction before I found my calling, as a coach.

At a pivotal point for me, after being operations director of an innovative and fast growing business, I realised I needed to do things differently and strike out on my own. I realised that a common thread across my very varied career was helping people, places and organisations to change, including helping people achieve their potential – which is what being a coach is all about.

This was one of the best decisions of my life, and my work as a coach, trainer and speaker has enabled me to work with many fascinating people and travel around the world.

By nature, I am a very practical person with a strong aptitude for seeing things as they are and finding solutions to problems. This is a key talent and skill I bring to my work. Allied to this, a strong sense of fairness, justice, care for people and all living beings, and a desire to make things better.

One exercise I use with my clients to deepen their self awareness is to help them understand their core character strengths. My top character strengths are perspective, fairness, love of learning, judgement, honesty, curiosity, creativity and hope.

“I believe the best way I can make a difference is through coaching and inspiring today’s leaders to be more purpose driven and exercise the power they have to help create a better world. That is what underpins conscious leadership.”


I’m an ICF Professional Certified Coach, which means I’m accredited to a high level by the International Coaching Federation, the leading global organisation for coaches and coaching. This is a rigorous process and the PCC accreditation provides an assurance for clients that they are working with a coach who has the skills and experience to help them with their development and that of their people.

Integrity is one of my core values so I place great esteem in professional ethics and continuous learning and development to help my clients to the best of my abilities.

I completed my initial coaching diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with The Coaching Academy, the world’s leading coach training provider, with whom I also training as an NLP Practitioner. Following this, I became a member of the Association for NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I am also an accredited emotional intelligence coach, certified in the use of EQi 2.0, which is the world’s leading measure of emotional intelligence. I use this assessment tool to help my clients develop this core attribute of all the world’s great leaders.

My passion for coaching extends to helping other coaches in their personal and professional development and providing opportunities networking and collaboration. Since 2019, I have been co-chair of the organising committee for the International Gay Coaches Conference, which takes place each May in New York, in addition to a global virtual conference every January.

In 2022 I was recognised for my work by being awarded the prestigious Thomas J. Leonard Humanitarian Award, named after the founder of the International Coaching Federation. This award acknowledged my work as a leader, innovator, a builder of communities and a force for positive change.

In tandem with coaching, I have also developed my business as a trainer, facilitator and speaker. I love the balance and variety this gives to my work and how combined these areas enhance the impact I want to make on the world.

My university career to date includes a BSc (Hons) in Management and Marketing from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Real Estate Development and Investment from the University of Greenwich.


My life and career have developed to a point of alignment that feels seamless. It is not through a lack of boundaries or work/life balance, it is because I do work that I love and feels a part of me.

I like to engage in consciousness raising activities that support my well-being.

Being physically active is really important to me, including running, walking and being outdoors, in addition to other pursuits including yoga and training at the gym. In fact, my first coaching accreditation was in sport, as an athletics coach. Over the years, I’ve gained a lot of pleasure from helping people achieve their running goals. Being fit and healthy also extends to eating well and I love cooking tasty and nutritious vegan meals, for myself, friends and family.

I enjoy writing and journaling, reading and learning about new things, bringing mindful, nourishing activities into each day.

One of my major passions in life is for music. I have a room in my house dedicated to my huge record collection, I love going to gigs. I’m also a big sports fan and really enjoy going to live sports events.

I live in my adopted home city of Manchester with my two beloved dogs, Lily and Phoebe.

“You know something about me, so I’d like to learn more about you and what you want to achieve from your life and career.
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“Chris’ attention to detail, knowledge and personality make for an excellent learning and safe environment”

Craig, Head of Football Operations



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