To create a better world, the world needs great leaders. People with exceptional leadership skills who are driven by purpose and intention. Leadership coaching is integral to developing yourself as a great leader. Every successful leader works with a leadership or executive coach to enable them to attain their leadership potential.

Conscious leadership is about change and transformation to create a better world. This is the area of leadership coaching that I specialise in. Working with high performing individuals who care about the world and the communities within with their organisation operates. Leaders who are driven to have an impact not only within their current role, they also want to be part of the change necessary to create a kinder, fairer society, safeguard the environment and develop the next generation of leaders.

Old models of leadership no longer work. The great leaders of today and tomorrow are driven by a higher purpose to create better outcomes for everyone through their work. Conscious leadership emphasises compassion and co-operation, rather than command and control. Long term as well as short term. Care for the world we all inhabit.

To achieve your greatest impact as a conscious leader, it is essential to:

  • Get clear on your highest purpose as a leader, driving your career
  • Create a clear vision for your team/organisation
  • Develop high levels of emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Build driven, high performing teams who share your vision
  • Make decisions that have positive impacts for all stakeholders
  • Understand how to sustain your energy and out-smart negative thought patterns
  • Integrate your skills, strengths and values to lead with integrity
  • Understand the wider, bigger picture impacts you want to have as a leader
  • Cultivate a growth mindset, with curiosity for continuous learning and development
  • Develop practices and routines for self care to manage your well-being

Chris Cooper talks Conscious Leadership Coaching


  • 1

    Cultivating Awareness:

    Using the Wheel of Conscious Leadership coaching model I have created for cultivating great leadership. rooted your purpose as a leader and the impact you want to have on the world

  • 2

    Integrated, Science Based Coaching Model:

    Utilising emotional intelligence and learnings from neuroscience for practical approaches to personal and professional development

  • 3

    Tailored Approach:

    Balancing coaching with mentoring and a whole person approach to optimising personal performance

Wheel of Conscious Leadership

Through coaching and training, I work with people to develop their skills as a conscious leader using the elements within my Wheel of Conscious Leadership framework and programme. It is designed to work with individuals, teams and organisations to bring higher levels of conscious awareness into leadership. The work within each segment of the wheel cultivates the next linking step around the outer edge of the wheel, in the process increasing levels of energy and commitment as leaders adapt and grow to be more conscious.

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  • Your performance to the next level. Success is about optimising every element and you want to leave no stone unturned in performing at your best.
  • You care about the world wider than your immediate circle and want to make a positive impact. However, you’re not sure how to translate this passion into an actionable strategy to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.
  • You’re committed to your work, and at the same time are experiencing things like fatigue, overwhelm, frustration or a sense of being undervalued by your employer – rather than the happiness and fulfilment you know your career should be bringing. It’s affecting your well-being and your feelings about your career potential and you want to turn this around.
  • You’re aware of challenges that are holding you back and want to address these to reach your potential. Perhaps there are specific blindspots you’re aware, or you may be unsure what’s missing. Either way, you want some help to overcome these obstacles.
  • Your emotions are having a negative impact on how you show up at work (and perhaps at home), you want to understand why this is happening and have practical steps you can take to better manage your emotions.
  • You feel you’re not showing up in your work fully as you – and you want to bring your full authentic self, your personal integrity, into your presence as a leader and want to learn how to bringing all your skills, talents and strengths into what you do.
  • You’re ready to bring a trusted expert into your circle, someone whose time and expertise is devoted purely to helping you understand and create your vision for your role as a leader/business owner. You want to draw on the skills of another person, have a sounding board and an arena to gain fresh perspectives, as well as to help you feel more focused and bring accountability.


“I believe coaching is the single most effective way to move forward and achieve whatever outcomes you are looking for. It’s about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, creating challenge and opportunities to grow and develop.

To do this it’s important to create a safe space where it’s ok to be vulnerable and share things that may feel uncomfortable. This is the way that we grow. If we knew the answers already, we’d be doing these things right now.

At its heart, coaching raises your levels of self-awareness, it creates light bulb moments. What you learn about yourself enables you to feel more positive and develop yourself to be the person you want to be – who can then achieve the things you want to do. Being enables doing. It’s a collaborative process where we work together to help you reach you elevate your performance and also enhance your sense of happiness and fulfilment across all areas of your life

My approach to coaching is very practical. It helps you understand problems and overcome challenges, while at the same time enjoying the process. The outcomes of our work may be serious, that doesn’t mean coaching can’t be fun!”

I approach each person I work with as the unique they are individual and together we co-design the right approach to enable you ro achieve the results that you want. No two coaching relationships are the same as everyone is different.

I like variety and by working with me you will access will access my skills as a coach, mentor, trainer, trusted advisor and support. My background in leadership and business development allied with my highly developed skills as a coach will help you get where you want to be. My approach draws on many different disciplines, including neuroscience and emerging knowledge from across the coaching profession. It also draws on ancient wisdom and practical common sense and makes everything relatable to how you can perform at your best.

Coaching is more than work to me. It’s my vocation. Everyday I learn something new that I love to impart to the next person I work with. I also work hard at making time available to speak to people for the first time and do the work I love. Don’t assume that I’m too busy to speak to you.


  • Detailed pre-coaching exploration of your leadership, career and other life goals to help you get on what you want from coaching before we’ve started.
  • Structured and clearly focused coaching sessions. We will start with helping you get clear on your vision as a leader and structure our work to achieve your ambitions. Each session will be focused on outcomes that deepen your levels of self awareness and enable you to keep moving forwards.
  • Development pathway using the Wheel of Conscious Leadership model I created to help you develop the awareness, tools, strategies, structure and cross dimensional intelligence to become a conscious leader.
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment and structured support to enable you to grow your EQ (the superpower of all great leaders). This will help you develop your challenge areas and further strengthen the things you are already good at.
  • Between session exercises to help you continue to grow between sessions and worksheets to help you capture your learnings and insights, maintain focus and keep moving forwards. This will also help you track your progress and provide useful resources to see how you have developed and grown through our work together.
  • Unlimited email support throughout the length of our working relationship. You can use this to share insights, get feedback or to help you gain fresh perspectives on a situation.
  • Unlimited context specific coaching calls as needed when you need an additional shot of very specific and structured support at a key moment – such as before an important meeting, when you’re about to take the stage for a big presentation or an urgent issue has arisen at work. The goal is to help put you get in the space you need to be, activating a flow state when you need it.
  • Post-programme follow-up call after our final session to check in on how you are getting on, talk through anything that has arisen in the interim and make you have all you need to continue your successful leadership journey.


  • 1

    Book some time in my diary for an initial conversation. We will keep a focused agenda on what you want to achieve through coaching and explore how I may be able to help.

  • 2

    After reserving your slot, you will receive email instructions on how to prepare and get the most our of our conversation.

  • 3

    During our call, we will design the best approach to help you move forward and develop yourself into the leader you want to be.

“Working with Chris has changed me as a person”

Zakir, NHS Head of Patient Services



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