What you can expect working with me as your leadership coach.

Here are some clarifying FAQs to check whether this is the right coaching approach for you.

  • How will this work in practise?

    During our initial conversation, we will explore the specific outcomes you want to achieve from our work. We will use this to design a coaching relationship that is right for you, taking into account factors such as where you are in your leadership journey and your working approach.


    We will create a schedule that works for you, comprised of our coaching time together and exercises I will set you to achieve the outcomes we agree.

  • How flexible can our schedule be?

    As a high performing leader, I know your schedule will be busy. To accommodate our work, I can offer a degree of flexibility in terms of scheduling, with daytime and early evening appointments available. Our sessions can take place using Zoom or over the phone. To get the most out of our work, it’s important that you make a commitment in advance to the outcomes you want to achieve. From my experience with other clients, once we get into a working rhythm you will come to look forward to our sessions and see our work as valuable time and space away from the day-to-day.

  • What happens in between coaching sessions?

    At the end of each session you will have actions that you want to take away to move you closer to achieving the goals we set together.

    In addition, there may be some homework exercises to help with your leadership development, which I set you as and when appropriate at milestones during our work.

  • What makes this different from other leadership or executive coaching approaches?

    You will have reached this section of my website because you are interested in developing yourself as a conscious leader. Everything I do with you will be structured around raising your levels of awareness, developing the behaviours of a conscious leader and tackling the challenges you are facing in your role as a leader.

    I created my own, bespoke approach to leadership development – the Wheel of Conscious Leadership, based on the competences of conscious leadership and the latest coaching approaches, including learnings from neuroscience and contemporary psychology, plus lessons from decades of leadership study and practice.

    Our work will achieve the dual outcomes of becoming a conscious leadership and overcoming the challenges you are experiencing in your work as a leader – whether at a personal or organisational level.

  • What will I get out of this?

    I’ll be sharing with you a whole new take on leadership that’ll totally shift your thinking. As a result of our work: You’ll get crystal-clear on your most inspiring and authentically-aligned leadership agenda – and get to work creating it. In tandem, you’ll come to dominate your sphere of influence, exercising adaptable leadership intelligence and routinely delivering stand-out personal performance. And we’ll make sure we achieve a counterbalance to work that leaves you energised to do all this.

  • What do you need from me?

    3 things: commitment to the process; willingness to think anew; and perseverance to push through the challenges. I will be with you, as coach and mentor, every step of the way. But ultimately, it’ll be your insights and agenda we work to; and you’ll be responsible for the results you create. So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

  • What are your coaching qualifications and certifications?

    I take a very conscientious approach to coaching and upholding the professional standards of the industry. To that end, I am a Professional Certified Coaching with the International Coaching Federation, the leading global organisation from coaches and coaching.

    I completed my formal coaching qualifications with The Coaching Academy, the largest provider of coach training in the UK. I’m an NLP Practitioner and member of the Association for NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

    In addition, I’m a certified emotional intelligence coach, qualified in using the market leading emotional intelligence assessment tool, EQi 2.0.

  • How much will it cost?

    Your investment will be between £3-9k. Programmes last between 3-12 months dependent on the specific make up of our engagement, which we will design together based on the outcomes you want to achieve. We will explore what is right for you during our initial consultation.

  • How do I get started?

    To get started, all you need to do is click the button below and choose a date and time for our initial consultation. We will explore your current situation, the outcomes you want to achieve through coaching and how this will fit into the right coaching package for you.

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