Here is a selection of reviews from clients I have worked with.

I’m happy to have coached many fantastic people over the years to achieve great outcomes professionally and personally. I have pulled together a selection of reviews written by my clients. They will provide you with an insight into the type of work we have done together and the experience they had working with me.

You will find more recommendations on my LinkedIn page, posted directly by some of the clients I have worked with.

Zakir, Head of Patient Services

Chris has changed me as a person and allowed me to come out of my shell. I have now been able to train my mid to think positively and more reflectively to any action I take. This had allowed me to to build a better and stronger me, and impact my team and anyone working with me.

I love how Chris actively engages with any topic you feel like exploring in each session to help achieve the goal collectively.

I would definitely use Chris again in future and highly recommend him to any one looking for coaching sessions to empower themselves and bring the best out of themselves.

Ian, Senior Product Analyst

The coaching with Chris has given me the confidence that I can turn my career into something I can be proud of and will enjoy. I now have a good idea of where I am headed and a plan of how to get there.

Chris’s approach was structured such that it allowed me time and space for a lot of self-reflection. His guidance through the process was fantastic and really helped me dig down and understand myself so much better than I ever would have been able to do on my own. Chris was incredibly flexible with the timing and frequency of our sessions but also set goals and deadlines in order to keep me on track. Chris has an extremely patient and friendly approach and I thoroughly enjoyed all of our sessions, which really helped me get the most out of coaching.

Kent, Senior Estates Surveyor

Coaching with Chris has enabled me to reflect and take stock of different areas of my life, in a way I wasn’t able to on my own. I now approach life in a more intentional and organised manner to make room for what it is I really want to do/achieve. Coaching has only been the start of the journey of developing the next phase of my life and career. I’m not sure what exciting chapters lie ahead yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out using and building on the tools that Chris has helped me to utilise while working with him.

I absolutely recommend Chris. He is very personable and approachable and has a lovely easy style of working. Yet, he has a knack of intuitively reflecting and asking challenging questions that will drill down to the core of the matter at hand, which is key to better understanding yourself.

Craig, Sporting Director

I was keen to work with Chris to support my work at a professional Football Club, to help overcome some of the organisational, interpersonal and conflict resolution issues that inevitably crop up in day-to-day work. Coaching has enabled me to learn a lot about myself, improve my self-awareness, reflection and organisational relationships. Chris’ patience and positive guidance has allowed me to improve my decision making and thought process when tackling problems in and out of work. I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone looking to improve in their career or in life in general. Chris’ attention to detail, knowledge and personality make for an excellent learning and safe environment.

Edwin, Senior Communications Manager

I cannot recommend Chris enough! He was so insightful and dynamic in his approach, and tailored things specifically for me. I cannot begin to describe what a humongous change this has created, both in the way I think and the actions I do.

If you feel at a crossroads, I absolutely urge you to give Chris’ coaching a go.

Simon, Property Professional

I approached Chris to find out more and within ten minutes of speaking to him I knew that he was the coach for me! His words were very comforting and his genuine interest in me was like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Chris looked into my working patterns in detail, reviewed some of the strengths and weaknesses I had in the workplace and how to overcome the weaker areas as well as help strengthen my stronger attributes. I felt from the coaching that I was able to find out more about myself and all the skills I’ve got in the workplace along with remembering all the important things I have in life outside of work. All of the sessions were very positive, and I felt like I could talk to Chris about anything.

I highly recommend Chris. He made me feel very relaxed, positive about myself, he enabled me to open up and also have a normal conversation about things and is an all-round professional with all subject matters.

Having the opportunity to work with Chris has been an extremely positive, empowering and motivating experience. Thanks Chris!

Tricia, Marketing Manager

Chris is a great guy, very professional and makes you feel really comfortable, yet challenges you to dig deeper and make your own decisions. He offers solid guidance and support to help you achieve a better understanding of what you want. It gave me more insight into what was right for me.

George, Marketing Director

Chris enabled me to learn a huge amount about myself, helping me gain a deep understanding of my core values and beliefs. The whole experience was positive and has helped me completely reshape my career. I cannot thank him enough for his help.

Caroline, Knowledge Management Professional

I had experienced coaching before but found Chris’s approach to be the most effective. He tailors his tools and methods to the individual rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. His guidance and encouragement helped me create an action plan, which was both straightforward and not scary to implement, and had a hugely positive impact on shaping my professional way forward. I heartily recommend Chris to anyone searching for support in finding their next step forward. Whether big or small, Chris can help you get there!



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