Training and facilitation sessions are a great solution for developing a team or group of employees.

In my work as a trainer and facilitator, I lead energetic, thought provoking and fun sessions designed to invite and encourage attendees to look learn something new, look at things from different perspectives and take action.

Training session focus on delivering a pre-designed curriculum based around on a particular topic, while also retaining flexibility, depending on the needs of the people in the room. The most important consideration is achieving the outcome required from the session.

Facilitation involves acting as an external expert supporting a group to achieve an outcome. It is focused on drawing on the expertise of the people in the room to work together collaboratively and creatively, sharing knowledge and ideas and building towards a consensus and an action plan to take away.

Sometimes work will involve a mix of training and facilitation, depending on the agenda set for the session.


Training is a great way to support the developmental objectives of groups of leaders, and I offer courses covering themes of conscious leadership, including but not limited to:

  • Introduction to conscious leadership: what it means and why it matters
  • Emotional intelligence: what it means and how to develop and strengthen your EQ
  • Understanding and developing the four types of Intelligence for great leadership
  • How to have challenging conversations and influence people ethically
  • Managing work/life balance and supporting workplace well-being
  • Developing practices for managing your well-being

Training sessions can vary in duration, usually half or full days. Dependent of the topic and the group, training can be provided either in person or online.


Facilitation enables groups of leaders to work together towards important outcomes and decisions for your organisation.
Creative facilitation work helps groups and teams move forward in areas such as purpose, strategy, change and innovation: all key components of conscious leadership.

Some of the benefits of facilitation include:

  • Creative structure to help a group work collaboratively towards an outcome that is difficult to resolve internally.
  • Breaking the pattern: introducing an external person creates positive disruption, encouraging people to think and act in a different way, results in fresh ideas and foster greater productive freedom of expression.
  • Perspective and context: ability to see both the bigger picture and explore the real nuts and bolts of what needs to happen to move forwards.
  • New perspectives: by asking thought provoking questions, I can help unlock solutions and get to the bottom of what is really happening. Sometimes the problem being seen isn’t the challenge that actually needs to be resolved.
  • Neutrality: as an external, independent person I am seen as and act as a neutral party supporting the outcomes of the group to build consensus without bias.

Pre-designed or Bespoke Training

I love building relationships and getting to understand the cultures of organisations. You may want to work with me for coaching or training or a mixture of the two. I can be your ‘go to’ person whenever you need a solution to help you move forwards and achieve your goals as an organisation or business owner.

In addition, I also work as a trainer delivering carefully selected pre-written training course and programmes for third party organisations. Courses I have delivered include multiple areas of leadership and coaching development, mental health training and public health campaigns. The organisations I choose to work with have alignment with my values with the training delivering outcomes that have wider benefits for creating better leaders and creating a better world: both of which are core tenets of conscious leadership.

What makes me the right trainer or facilitator to work with you? I set out to answer this question remembering words that I have heard from attendees of sessions I have led so far. This sums up succinctly what you can expect from me:
Connecting with the energy of the people in the room at the right level and building trust and rapport is core to working effectively together as a group. Some clients have described me as very calming others as high energy – my style matches what the people I am working with need in that moment.


“Chris was amazing, he has a very relaxing voice and made everyone feel comfortable and safe”

Training Course Delegate



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