The Wheel of Conscious Leadership is a model and tool I created to help the leaders I work with develop their conscious leadership skills, and to help organisations adopt a conscious leadership culture.

There are eight segments within the wheel, with links around the outside showing the resulting outcome from working on this area. It is depicted as a wheel because conscious awareness is a continuous journey. Increasing attention to and competence in each area generates energy, priming the way for a long and successful leadership journey.

Along with the outcomes depicted around the outside of the wheel, there is also a positive energy shift as you as a leader or your internal leadership culture develops the skills within the wheel. Leading consciously is a long term journey, we focus on the here and now, with the outcomes being long term, sustainable success, with the achievement of shorter term journey goals along the way.

This page provides a brief introduction to each of the eight segments within the wheel, including some of the areas we work on when we focus attention on that element.


The foundation of conscious leadership is awareness – learning more about ourselves by raising our levels of self awareness and paying attention to the truth. A big part of this is gaining an understanding on your current level of emotional intelligence (EQ), which is the superpower of all great leaders. We do this though an emotional intelligence assessment and set goals with actions to develop the elements that comprise EQ, starting off with your challenge areas.

We also explore practices you can incorporate on a regular basis to raise your levels of self awareness, finding the ones that are right for you and help you feel more connected.

When we cultivate Awareness, we pay attention to what’s real and move towards Consciousness.


All great leaders and organisations have a strong sense of purpose. Understanding what’s important in why they do what they do. Without purpose, we lack focus and waste time and resources on things that don’t matter. Every individual and organisation should have a strong sense of their purpose, which they are easily able to express and communicate.

In our work on purpose, we help you get clear on what your values are: the fundamental principles that must be respected to feel fulfilment. We craft a vision and a mission and work on how you achieve this through settings goals that progressively move you forward in the direction you want to go and achieve long term, meaningful success.

Paying attention to your Purpose helps you to live and work your calling. This includes developing your spiritual intelligence, which simply is an understanding and appreciation of how you (and your organisation) fit into the ‘bigger picture’ of what’s there. There are a range of tools to connect with this, tapping into what in neuroscience is referred to as ‘the three brains’ and learning to value and trust your heart and gut instincts. Essential for any great leader.

When we are clear on our Purpose, we can create Impact.


Integrity is one of the most universally admired values, and personal and professional integrity is essential to lead effectively. Simply, this means being true to who you are as a person, living and acting with authenticity and doing the right thing. This sounds easier than it is and requires a deep understanding of who you are and commitment to your purpose.

When we lead with integrity we understand the wider impacts of our actions and care about how what we do affects others, in both the short and the long term. Seeing ourselves as part of a wider ecosystem and appreciating how everything fits together – which is referred to as systems intelligence. Another attribute of all great leaders.

Another component of integrity is accountability – to ourselves, the individuals we lead and the communities whose lives we affect through the work we do. People are increasingly attuned to integrity and authenticity and can see through what isn’t true and real, then make choices accordingly.

When we operate from a place of Integrity, we assert Ethical Consideration, a commitment to do the right thing.


Conscious leaders care deeply about community and society, wanting to improve the world around them through their actions. To do this, it is vital to develop skills that enable you to access fairness when you make decisions and create strategy. This draws together development from the first three segments of the wheel and focuses emphasises themes such as relationship building, personal responsibility, and kindness and compassion.

Key strengths used when acting fairly include perspective and justice, honing these skills and embodying servant leadership. Committed to serving the people you lead, who you do business with and those in your communities and the wider world, including care for the environment.

As a leader you treat the people you lead as individuals and value their differences, creating a culture where everyone can flourish, utilising their unique talents and skills and feeling valued and seen. This includes a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

By being fair, we exhibit good judgement, and people around us see the care and compassion consistently running through our actions.

When we make decisions based on Fairness, we demonstrate Love and Caring for all stakeholders.


Central to being able to function optimally as a leader is paying attention to and nourishing all aspects of your well-being, which includes your mental, physical and emotional health. The world’s most successful leaders and entrepreneurs recognise the importance of self-care as a fundament to achievement your potential and showing up at your best consistently.

We examine how things are right now and explore what else you can do to nurture your well-being.

Happiness is the output of positive well-being, and for this we build lives that feel both joyful and purposeful. Optimism and hope for the future is a prime and often neglected key component of emotional intelligence, and we work on how you can grow and develop in this area.

As a conscious leader, the well-being of the people you lead is a priority and we examine how you can create the conditions to put well-being at the forefront of your organisational culture. Happy and healthy people are more committed to the purpose of the organisation, and you as their leader.

When we pay attention to our well-being (and that of others) we feel (and receive) greater Engagement and Commitment.


Challenging the status quo and stepping into the unknown are fundamental to growth as an individual and of an organisation. This requires courage.

Taking care of our well-being is paramount for being courageous, and having focused our attention here, the next steps are cultivating skills such as curiosity, perseverance and commitment. Our minds can trap us and keep us in a place of fear. This is where we uncover what the barriers are that we have placed in our way and work out how to overcome them, operating from a perspective of seeing abundance and opportunity.

With greater courage, it is easier to step out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves to new possibilities.

When we become more Courageous, we find the Confidence to step forwards, grow and develop.


Moving towards Freedom requires the Awareness, Purpose, Integrity, Fairness, Well-being and Courage we have already cultivated and committed to. Combined they will create the sense of safety required to feel free create the conditions to see and embrace new opportunities.

As a conscious leader, you will feel more liberated yourself and we work on creating a workplace culture that promotes empowerment and flexibility among team members.

This is a place where ‘change’ is no longer something to be feared. You and the people you lead can move forwards with a spirit of adventure, feeling alive and activated.

When we feel a sense of Freedom, we are able to embrace and embody Change.


The world is ever evolving and global markets are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. To thrive, it is necessary to be creative.

Here we work on how to be creative in a way that embodies all of the other elements of conscious leadership for long term, sustainable growth that contributes to improving communities, society and the planet.

We explore how to spend more time in a ‘flow state’, learn, collaborate, evolve and expand to create organisations that make a difference in the world.

When we become more Creative, we are able to Innovate.

Chris Outlines the Wheel of Conscious Leadership


I use this model as a backbone for both coaching and training in conscious leadership. We may approach our work in the order outlined, progressing sequentially in a linear, clockwise motion of development. Or we may choose a different starting point, based on your current position as a leader or organisation. It is designed to be flexible, although all eight areas require attention to truly become a conscious leader, and the position of each segment within the wheel is assigned to create a logical framework and path for development.

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